The Man Company Multifaceted No – Gas Body Perfumes for Men, Set of 4 | Long Lasting Fragrance

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The multifaceted man combo deo pack comes with four deodorant for men in India. Each of them is suitable for a definite part of the day or occasion, making the selection easier, besides offering more choices available to one. The different fragrance characterising the four deo products keep lingering in the atmosphere around you for a much longer time period compared to other deo available in the market. Natural ingredients have been used to formulate each of the four deos available in the combo pack. All of them create a unique and awesome aura without irritating the skin with any harshness. Contents: 1. Noir | body perfume – 120 ml 2. Bleu | body perfume – 120 ml 3. Rouge | body perfume – 120 ml 4. Blanc | body perfume – 120 ml product info each product weighs 120 ml suitable parties, romantic dates and workout tested in lab for safety on skin lasts very long.

Blanc Body Perfume: The Blanc body Perfume for Men is the classic daily that you can wear to your work every day. It is light and not overpowering. The perfume fills you with lightness and freshness of citrus notes. The fragrance for the perfume offers a blissful experience each time you apply.
Bleu Body Perfume for Men: Keep calm and work out! Energetic and stimulating composition of bergamot, lavender and mandarin. Hence, fitness freaks, who love to hit the gym, would find this perfume for men to be an absolute bliss. Plus, the perfume stays for a really long period of time too.
Rouge Body Perfume: The Rouge Body Perfume for Men has a very mixed smell that feels layered to offer a very dynamic fragrance at every date. A perfect choice for the heart-throb! Your fragrance creates an impression even before your words do. Rouge Noble Woody fragrance gets you all set for the perfect date night.
Noir Body Perfume: Your party night look is incomplete without a fragrance that matches your style. Noir Leather Oudh Perfume for Men is just what you need to rock the party. Ready. Spray. Cheers! The Noir Body Perfume has a very mixed smell that feels layered to offer a very dynamic fragrance at every party.
Fresh Body Odour: A combination of four Deo’s – Bleu, Blanc, Rouge and Noir body perfume set for men are perfect for all occasion. Turn on the charm and improve your confidence without saying a word. Body perfume is a strong manly choice for the people who are prone to unpleasant body odour due to excessive sweating.

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